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Since its founding in 2019 BIC has revealed over a hundred corruption cases that enrich Belarusian officials and businessmen of the highest rank air the expense of taxpayers. Following our last year materials, EU and UK officials have blocked sanction-busting schemes worth half a billion dollars and have frozen property worth $200 million thus directly hitting the pockets of Lukashenka’s wallets.

We need your help to continue our work and to ensure that every our investigation deals a firm blow to persons involved in corrupt practices. With every dollar you donate us a thousand will disappear from Lukashenka’s pockets.

It is not safe to donate us directly if you are located in Belarus since our work is branded as “extremist” by authorities, that, in fact, we take as a badge of pride. That’s why we recommend to use cryptocurrency option in this case. Otherwise, you can choose Patreon. By the way, on our Patreon page, we have a lot of cool stuff to thank you for your donation.

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