Fake news of the week: The BT host said that the UK citizens are being urged to reuse toilet paper due to the crisis


Fake news of the week: The BT host said that the UK citizens are being urged to reuse toilet paper due to the crisis

The British are so worse off that they even save on toilet paper, and the local media urge them to start using reusable toilet paper. This was stated in the "Clear Politics" on BT by its host Siarhei Husachenka.

"It's moments like this that make London chuckle quite a bit, because it's no longer in the EU, which means everything is fine. So much so that it's introducing real know-how into the lives of Her Majesty's subjects — reusable toilet paper. You buy a roll and wash it several times a week. The German Foreign Minister will definitely approve. They suggest saving on toilet paper, which has already gone up in price by 33%. The British media recalled the reusable alternative: you buy a roll and wash it a couple of times a week. However, the kingdom’s residents did not appreciate the idea," Husachanka said.

But what was it really like? Firstly, reusable paper is not an anti-crisis proposition, but an environmental one. Here's what the manufacturer says about it on his website:

"You read that right: it's reusable toilet paper. But why? About 9.8 million trees are cut down annually just to be flushed down the toilet. Single-use toilet paper isn't as clean as you might think. Bleached toilet paper releases toxins into the air and water, which has been proven to harm humans and the environment”.

The manufacturer claims that his goal is to make sustainable lifestyle products the norm for 1 million households in North America. In addition to toilet paper, it offers many different products that, for example, replace disposable plastic straws and utensils, liquid laundry detergent and shampoo.

The toilet paper commercial being shown on BT is not new either. The company posted it on its Facebook page back in August 2020 - another proof that the proposition is not related to the current crisis.

Secondly, in 2022, a toilet paper commercial went viral on Tik-Tok and Twitter. It was much discussed and received a lot of scathing comments. That's what the media wrote about, not calling to switch to reusable toilet paper to save money, as Husachanka claims. Here is what the Mirror wrote about the paper:

"Controversial reusable toilet roll is dividing opinion on Twitter as some call the product an unhygienic "health risk" while others argue it slashes costs and is eco-friendly".