Fake news of the week: Poland is deporting all Ukrainians of recruitment age back to Ukraine

The Mash telegram channel published a document which says that Poland will start mass deportations of all male Ukrainians of recruitment age. Apparently, the Mash editors soon realised that they went a little too far with the lies so they deleted the post. Anyway, Olga Belova from Zvezda TV channel kept going on.

First, she rebroadcast this fake on the programme "Hello Comrades!", which she co-hosts with Mikhail Shakhnazarov:

"Kyiv has decided to make up for the shortage of willing soldiers in a very peculiar way - at the expense of emigrants and the disabled. As recently as last week, Kyiv asked Poland to deport to Ukraine all men of recruitment age, which, incidentally, is planned to be lowered from 18 to 16 years."

Later Belova repeated the fake in her own programme called "Main things with Olga Belova":

"It was decided this week that Ukrainian men present in the territory of Poland will be tracked and sent back to Ukraine. Why? Because there is no one there to fight now".

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs put an end to the matter. On its Twitter the Ministry officially stated that the documents were falsified and that the Ukrainians are not at risk of being deported.

"Reports on social media that Ukrainian men aged 18-60 are to be deported from Poland are disinformation.

The photographs intended to confirm these claims have been falsified and the documents presented do not correspond to reality," the Polish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.