40% of Latvia's population is Russian. How Russian propaganda equates knowing Russian to defining oneself as "Russian"

The ONT TV channel reported that the 9th of May (Victory Day) is no longer an official holiday in Ukraine:

"The British Defence minister said that Moscow is a face of fascism today. Kiev, obviously, cheered the loudest as theVictory Day has long not been commemorated in Ukraine".

However, the 9th of May is not only an official holiday in Ukraine, but also a bank holiday. Article 73 of the Ukrainian Labour Code states that the 9 of May is the Day of Victory over Nazism in World War II. On the 8 May, they commemorate Remembrance and Reconciliation Day.

Last year on 9 May Zelensky laid flowers at the Eternal Flame. This year Ukraine declared martial law, which means that mass events are banned. Thus commemoration wasn’t hold. But no one was forbidden to bring flowers to the Eternal Flame. However, since the war started, Ukraine considers the possibility of moving up Victory Day to 8 May and to commemorate Europe Day instead.

Then the ONT decided to explain why the commemoration of Victory Day in Ukraine is hold wrongly:

"Historically, today Ukraine is home to the descendants of different nationalities, the descendants of the winners. In fact, Ukraine lost about 1.5 million soldiers, every sixth soldier of the Red Army was originally Ukrainian. But In Ukraine now also live descendants of our opponents. And this nationality division, apparently, has not disappeared yet."

It’s about the so-called collaborators. But the thing is that the descendants of those with whom the Red Army fought  might live in Russia as well. This is not usually mentioned in the Russian media. There is no exact data on the number of those who collaborated with Nazi Germany, but historians estimate that about one million Soviet citizens may have fought on its side and that of its allies. That makes about 250 thousand Ukrainians and 300-400 thousand Russians.

Inflation in Russia is not much different from the UK. This was stated by Margarita Simonyan on "The Evening With Vladimir Soloviev", when she argued that the sanctions have hit the Western economy more than Russian.

"We also have serious inflation, but not as menacing as it should have been. And the funny thing is, our inflation is not much different from that in the UK," Simonyan said.

"Not much different" is when Russia's consumer price index rose by 18% over the year and the UK's by 9%, which is twice less than in Russia.

In Latvia, 40% of the population are Russians. This statement was made by Olga Belova, presenter of the "Hello, comrades" program on the Zvezda TV channel.

In Latvia, 40% of the population are Russians. This statement was made by Olga Belova, presenter of the "Hello, comrades" program on the Zvezda TV channel.

"After Moscow proposed to take our monument back, “asking just to leave it alone", the Latvia’s Defence Minister suggested taking the monument together with Putin's supporters. In other words, take the monument and these 40% of the Russian population of Latvia", - said Belova.

According to Latvia's official statistics, Russians make up only 24% of the population. The Russian-speaking population, on the other hand, is 36%. It might be that Olga Belova automatically classifies all Russian-speakers as Russians. But to be precise, the Latvia's Minister of Defence was not talking about Russians, but about Putin's supporters. Perhaps, according to Olga Belova, the entire Russian-speaking population of Latvia a priori supports Putin.

But not everyone in Latvia supports Russia's aggression against Ukraine. A public opinion poll conducted after the beginning of the war showed that only 21% of the Russian-speaking population of Latvia supported it. And less than 8%, if we talk about the population of Latvia as a whole. At the same time, 22% of Russian-speaking Latvians, on the contrary, support Ukraine, and 46% - neither side. 

The Azov battalion has been recognized a terrorist organization in the US, - said Olesya Loseva, presenter of the TV programme "Vremya Pokazet":

"Congresswoman Victoria Sparks came to America back in April.  And as we know the United States is not just supporting Ukraine in the current conflict. They also support Ukrainian Nazism itself, despite the fact that the Azov battalion is recognised a terrorist organisation."

The Azov battalion is not on the list of foreign organisations identified as terroristic in the US and never has been. At various times, the US Congress only banned military funding for training or arming the Azov battalion, but has since lifted the ban. Then there was a ban on supplying American weapons to Azov.

Moreover, even in Russia, the Azov battalion, about which there has been so much talk, has not yet been officially considered terrorisict, only a banned organisation. The issue is to be reviewed at the trial set on 26 May.

No one suffered as much during World War II as the Belarusians. This was said by Belarusian historian Igar Marzaluk on the ONT TV channel:

"The biggest civilian casualties, the biggest losses, no one suffered as much (it is acknowledged fact in historiography) as the Belarusian people, as the Belarusian nation."

"SB. Belarus Today" wrote in 2012 that 1,077,124 civilians were killed. And together with the frontline casualties - more than 3 million people.

The Ukrainians say that about 5 million civilians out of their 40 million population died. It is the same 11-12% of the population, as in Belarus. But it is still less than the 6 million Jews exterminated by the end of World War II - that is two-thirds of the Jews having lived in Europe before the war.

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