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22 December 2022

"With a sense of impunity and permissiveness, Ukrainian refugees have already begun not only to steal, but also to kill those who are not to their liking" - Belarusian television collected fakes from the internet to frighten viewers

The story is known only to Belarusian and Russian media outlets

The programme "Around the Planet" on the "Belarus-1" TV channel stated the following:

"In Krakow, a local family let in refugees, who became impudent from the start. They refused to pay the bills and traditionally made a mess of the flat. When the landlords decided to evict them, the Ukrainian refugees simply locked themselves in the flat. They were evicted with the help of the police and a crane".

The story is known only to Belarusian and Russian media outlets. The Polish media did not write about it. And the video shown here as proof appeared on YouTube more than a year ago, when there was still no war and no refugees from Ukraine.

In the same programme, another scary news story was reported:

"In Warsaw, a local man was attacked by a crowd of drunken refugees. The man stood up for the girls, who were being hit on by a group of three or four young men. As a result of the fight, the man was stabbed several times and subsequently died. The police have long tried to hide the fact that the attackers, according to the evidence, were Ukrainians".

The murder took place in May and the Belarusian press immediately started accusing the Ukrainians. Now the names, surnames and appearance of the alleged murderers are known - they have been put on the wanted list.

Although the police do not give the nationalities of the suspects, all three alleged perpetrators have typical Polish names.

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