Most of the sex workers in Europe come from Ukraine!

In the 2019 survey Ukraine ranks third among the top 10 countries supplying sex workers to the global market. And Russia is already in the first place

According to Olga Belova and Mikhail Shakhnazarov, hosts of the "Hello, Comrades'' programme on the Zvezda TV channel, every fifth sex worker in Europe is from Ukraine. 

"As of 2014, every fifth prostitute in Europe was from Ukraine. Then this statistic got worse, well, for Ukraine, I mean, for its image," Byalova said.

According to the surveys conducted in 2008,  Ukraine was indeed in the top 10 countries from which sex workers came to Europe. Ukraine was in the 4th place. The second place went to Russia and the first place went to Romania.

In the 2019 survey Ukraine ranks third among the top 10 countries supplying sex workers to the global market. And Russia is already in the first place.

Another high-profile statement made by Belova says that the whole west of Ukraine has been under Poland for a long time, where they all have Pole’s cards:

“Western Ukraine has long been under Polandas much as its people have long had those special Pole’s cards”.

In fact, from 2008 to the end of last year, only 145,000 Ukrainians have received a Pole’s Card, while there are about 9 million people in Western Ukraine. In other words, if we assume that only residents of western regions, but not all Ukrainians, obtained a Pole’s Card, then only 1.5% of "Westerners" have such a card. In 9.5 million Belarus more than 160 thousand people got a Pole’s card.

Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria were thrown out on the street. Olga Skabeeva wrote about it in her Telegram channel:

"Ukrainian refugees are being evicted from hotels in Bulgaria. One day they were thrown out of their rooms with their belongings on the street. The country's authorities have cut funding, plus the tourist season is about to start in the resort towns".

The Bulgarian deputy prime minister spoke to Ukrainians back in mid-May and explained that the tourist season was about to start, which was very important for the country's GDP. The programme to resettle refugees in hotels runs until the beginning of the tourist season, until 31 May. After that, people will be resettled.

"When we negotiated this measure with the hoteliers, we promised them that you would stay with them until 31 May. But that never meant you would be evicted to the street. The government programme of humanitarian assistance to people who have been granted temporary protection in our country, continues after 31 May in state, municipal and departmental sanatoriums," the Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister said.

In other words, those who cannot pay for their own accommodation in seaside hotels are not left on the street, but are provided with other accommodation in public recreation areas.

American statesman back in 2014 Henry Kissinger called on Ukraine to cede territory to Russia. This was already stated by Olga Skabeyeva's guest, "Russia Today" columnist Vladimir Kornilov, on the Russia TV channel "60 Minutes" programme.

"Kissinger called on Ukraine to cede territory to Russia. All of it or not, I don't know. What I really want to say is that Kissinger really, even before this conflict, long before 2014 called for Ukraine to be granted neutral status, guarantee such status to Russia and yes, to cede that part of the territory in 2014 that Ukraine had de facto lost. No wonder he brought up his article from 2014."

The publication by Henry Kissinger that Kornilov mentions was published in the Washington Post in March 2014. There he said that for Ukraine to prosper, it would have been better to remain a neutral country and not join NATO. But there is not a word about giving Ukrainian territories to Russia. On the contrary, Kissinger said that Russia should recognise Ukraine's sovereignty over Crimea. Here is what he wrote verbatim:

“It is incompatible with the rules of the existing world order for Russia to annex Crimea. But it should be possible to put Crimea’s relationship to Ukraine on a less fraught basis. To that end, Russia would recognize Ukraine’s sovereignty over Crimea. Ukraine should reinforce Crimea’s autonomy in elections held in the presence of international observers. The process would include removing any ambiguities about the status of the Black Sea Fleet at Sevastopol.”

Burning Ukrainian history books is Ukrainian photoshop. This is what the authors of the Yellow Plums telegram channel say.

 “Ukrainian photoshop-troops in action!

The current Ambassador of Great Britain in Ukraine posted in her twitter photos of Ukrainian history books being burnt with a tragic caption:

“Burning Ukrainian history books is not denazification. It’s the opposite. #RussianAgression”

But it turned out that the books were actually burnt during a dumb campaign on the Kaliningrad City Day in June 2019.

However, what would Ukrainian dumpsters and Western officials post about if not for the photoshop and chrome key?

Right, there would be nothing for them to post about”

There was a book-burning action on City Day in Kaliningrad in 2019, but it looked different. There are photos and videos of that action, and you can see that books were burned in a bucket. And if you look closely at the photo allegedly from Kaliningrad posted on Yellow Plums, you can see a photocopy of the characteristic cover of the Ukrainian history textbook. It is unclear what it is doing in Russian Kaliningrad.

But we found this fire. It turned out to be a photo from Crimea, taken in March 2010. 

At the time, a rally was held in Simferopol by Nataliya Vitrenko’s Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine and the Youth Front "Proryv". The participants demanded that the Russian language be given the status of the state language and that Ukraine join the Union State of Belarus and Russia. They also burned Ukrainian history textbooks.

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