Lukashenka is the only one in the world who cares about amends in the Constitution, treasures the sovereignty of other countries, and takes care of his staff. Fakes from the "unique" philosopher Mikalay Shchokin

Marat Markov, the head of the ONT TV channel, decided to explain how the new draft constitution differs from the old one, and for this purpose, he invited philosopher Mikalay Shchokin

Marat Markov, the head of the ONT TV channel, decided to explain how the new draft constitution differs from the old one, and for this purpose, he invited philosopher Mikalay Shchokin.

"The new draft constitution being discussed today is fascinating and unique. By the way, there has never been such a discussion scenario in the world. However, there is a risk that even when we adopt this unique draft, a question whether we will be able to comply with this Constitution will arise, or whether we will be able to change ourselves," Shchokin said.

This time, Shchоkin found that claiming the draft of the Belarusian Constitution just "unique" wasn not enough. He decided to go on and said that in other countries, Constitutions have not been changed for decades and no longer play any role there.

"For the last 30-40 years, the Constitutions in the world have hardly changed. They are being replaced by laws, directives and all kinds of agreements. Take the EU, for example. Constitutions do not play any role there," Shchokin continued.

This is not true. In April 2021, a constitutional referendum was held in Kyrgyzstan. Then the country switched from a parliamentary-presidential form of government to a presidential one. In 2020, there was a nationwide vote on approving changes to the Constitution in Russia. In 2019, the constitution in Cuba was approved through a referendum. Anyway, we could go on and on, there are many examples.

Discussing the Constitution matter was not enough for Markov and Shchokin. Next they decided to talk about the situation in Kazakhstan. Shchоkin said that against the background of Alyaksandar Lukashenka's wise personnel policy, President of Kazakhstan Tаkayev carelessly shuffled his officials.

"Where did Tаkayev start, Marat Syargeevich? With personnel changes. A complete failure of the state personnel policy," Shchokin said.

And here is how Lukashenka acted during the Belarusian protests. First of all, he dismissed the head of the KGB, moving him to the position of State Secretary of the Security Council. Then he dismissed the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGC, and the head of the Security Council. The head of the Security Council changed 4 times between January 2020 and January 2021. The current head of the KGB, Ivan Tsertsel, changed three positions in 2020. Thus, Lukashenko did not appreciate his staff either.

Another interesting statement from philosopher Shchokin: it was Lukashenka who saved Kazakhstan.

" Alyaksandar Rygoravich Lukashenka is the only head of state in the world who stood up for the sovereignty of another country," Shchokin said confidently.

Let us remind Mikalay Shchokin that apart from Belarus, four other countries participated in the CSTO military contingent in Kazakhstan: Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. Therefore, Lukashenka can by no means be the only one who supported the sovereignty of Kazakhstan.

In addition, both Shchekin and Markov make no distinction between peaceful protesters in Kazakhstan and looters who robbed shops and ATMs during the protests.

"The UN High Commissioner, let me speak on the international scale, said that all those arrested in Kazakhstan should be released. There are already about 10 thousand people today. Because they were exercising their right to peaceful protest. So all the videos of riots and murders are completely ignored," said Markov.

This is a falsification of the facts. In reality, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has condemned the violence by protesters in Kazakhstan. In her words, "the protesters, no matter how angry they are or how much they have suffered, should not resort to violence against other people. The phrase about "releasing everyone" sounded like this:

"Bachelet called for the release of all those arrested and detained simply for exercising their rights to peaceful protest and freedom of expression."

For those who misunderstood that phrase, Liz Trossell of the UN Office for Human Rights clarified a week later that it was not about people who used violence.

"Those who were detained solely for exercising their rights should be released immediately. Given the footage of burned buildings in Almaty, we can assume that some people were arrested on criminal charges.”

But Shchоkin and Markov are convinced that everyone in Kazakhstan who took to the streets are terrorists. And they even said that Germany intends to support them:

"In case you don’t know, a curious document is being prepared in the Bundestag, according to which financial assistance will be provided. To whom? To the terrorists, to those who are now imprisoned."

Unlike Lukashenka, the president of Kazakhstan admitted that the Kazakhs had their reasons to protest. The country has a large gap between the income of the rich and the poor. Thus he acknowledged the existence of peaceful protesters on the streets of Kazakh cities. And he said that he intends to solve this problem.

Shchokin and Markov convince viewers that Kazakhstan has no other way but the Belarusian – purging of dissenters for decades.

"It took us a long time and it will take more to pull out of the holes these scoundrels who wanted to kill us, to hang us. Can you imagine how long it will take Kazakhstan to put things in order? Decades!"

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